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Daddy and Mommy

“Daddy and Mommy do good yesterday. It’s our turn now to do the same that mommy and daddy did yesterday.” Want to hear the full song? Buy the album here: #DavidMusic #Reggae



“Change will come, sooner or later. It can be peaceful or radical.” Download the single here: #DavidMusic #Dub #Reggae



  “They line up, signup, and move around like #mobileslaves. Why work for fame and lose your soul? What’s the point of singing if you don’t have something important to say?” #DavidMusic #reggae


#Wholesaler #DavidMusic

Why is Africa selling retail when it’s the wholesaler? Everybody knows Africa is the world’s fruit basket yet each day Africa pays to have fruit snatched from her bosom by the unjust. Hear the truth about Africa and her many riches when you download “Wholesaler”, a single track by Casper and the House of David — producers of music for today […]

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Sample Casper and the HOD DUB Style Remixes NOW!

Casper and the House of David DUB is the latest album from the band crowned the leading sound for the Royal House of David. Sample and buy good and timeless music. Support #DavidMusic right NOW at #Reggae #Dub #Hope #Faith #Humbleness


Casper and the HOD Releases DUB Remixes of Popular Songs

Casper and the House of David, the ultimate reggae phenomenon, recently released its DUB album available at This album features, written and produced by Casper John, features DUB remixes of the popular tracks, such as the popular “Don’t Make Them Mark You,” and “Running Late.” Listen to samples of Casper and The House of David […]

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